Friday, March 6, 2009

Ancient Thai King, Queen and offspring.... :-)

I was digging in my old files and found some pictures of 2002 and 2003, in the period that we lived in Thailand. Some old nostalgica.....

We used this picture as our Xmas greeting in 2002.

This picture we used for our adoption announcement in 2003, the girls were 1 year old.

2006, the girls are 4,5 years old here, but this picture looks so ancient.

The first 2 pictures we have hanging in our bedroom printed on a huge canvas. The girls honestly believe that when they were babies this is how they dressed everyday, because they are REAL life princesses. I don't want to burst their bubble and let them believe...
We always tell them that one day we will go back to Thailand again to live. And they are desperately hoping we can go live in our 'palace' again and they want their birthmother to come and join us...

Childhood dreams; who didn't have them?

Sawasdee Kha,


Free Spirit said...

These are so precious. Yes what dreams we have when we are little. I hope you get to go back to Thailand soon and they can see where they came from. Who are the grown ups in the pic ? I did not know they were adopted and from Thailand. What a sweet thing for you to have done. Bless your heart sweetie !!!

Mireille said...

The grown ups are me and my husband Dirk!! this was 7 years ago, what a bit of make-up and a few years can do :-)

Free Spirit said...


Wow you and hubby look like a real queen and king. That is fantastic. I hope you have this blown up and framed. Just stunning.


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