Friday, February 20, 2009

Fabulous Friday

I am going to get some structure and continuity in my blog, on Mondays I am going to post a picture to the I ♥ Faces website, and some Mondays I will also do a regular post. It all depends if I have a lot to tell you guys ;-) On Wednesday I will do the Wacky Wednesdays pictures and on Fridays I am going to give you a fabulous recipe, so I called it Fabulous Friday. A good way to start the weekend! The rest of the week are the regular postings, the adventures of Jasmine and Juliet here in South Africa, our trips, things that happen around the house. Things that catch my eye, other websites or blogs that I stumble upon etc..etc..

On Fridays the girls are out of school at 2:15pm and they are allowed to watch some TV. The other days in the week they have no time for TV since they want to play or swim after school, do their homework, shower, eat and go to bed. So for them it is also a Fabulous Friday!!

I like to start and eat a bit more wholesome, vegetarian, so when I was browsing the web I found this magnificent, beautiful and de-lish website 101 cookbooks from Heidi Swanson and I signed up immediately to get all these wonderful recipes in my inbox. Just print it out, go to the supermarket, prepare and EAT. No more thinking of what I shall make, because for me that is the hardest part of come up with something different every day. I mean I have a lot of sites that send me these daily recipes, but most of them aren't what I want to make, but this site is exactly what I was waiting for. I am so glad I found it! And of course I like to share the good things with you cyber and blogging friends :-)

So each Friday I am posting this wholesome vegetarian dish that I will be eating THAT day. So at least on Friday we will eat vegetarian, but I am hoping to add more vegetarian days into my week. Not easy, since the girls and Dirk are meat lovers, I could easily live without it, so maybe we do a vegetarian main dish and some days I just add some small portions of meat to theirs....

Today I am making Ten Minute Tasty Asparagus and Brown Rice Recipe.

I like the 10-minute part of it ;-) Since Dirk is still in Lichtenstein till Monday I am cooking easy and fast recipes for the 3 of us.

Have a Fabulous Friday y'all!


Kimi said...

I like the way you are structuring your blog post, I need to structure mine as well.

The 101 Cookbooks website is great, my oldest daughter pretty much only cooks off of that website....she loves it and so do I. I didn't know you could sign up and have a recipe sent to you every day...I am going to do that. Your recipe for today sounds delish!

Have a blessed day,

rosemary said...

We are trying to eat one vegetarian meal a week ourselves but I have no idea where to look for these recipes so I will be looking forward to the ones you share! This rice and asparagus looks delicious!


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