Monday, February 9, 2009

Adoptive Families

I got an email this week from the magazine Adoptive Families. They asked permission to print a picture of Jasmine and Juliet in their next upcoming issue. I was honored so I gave my permission.

So check out the next issue up-coming Mar/Apr 09 (family album section) of Adoptive Families and you will see this picture of our beautiful girls. (Juliet left, Jasmine right)

Adoptive Families is a great magazine for parents who are an adoptive parent or are in the process of adopting, check out this link. You can get a subscription for this bi-monthly magazine!

They made me a proud momma again ;-) The girls were featured in this magazine about 2 years ago and I totally missed it till a mother from school told me she saw the girls in this magazine....

To have a chance that your child will be featured in the magazine you have to submit some photo's in their photo album, and who knows they will call or email you one day...

Have a good one!


Kate said...

I Love Adoptive Families magazine and read it from cover to cover the day it comes. I can't wait to see you sweet gals on the exciting! I will feel like I am friends with celebrities!!!

Hope all is well!!


Jen and Jeff said...

So cool! We get that magazine so I'll look forward to seeing beautiful JJ & Jezz in it! Already love that mag, but now have another reason. :-)


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