Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nurse for a day.... or 2

Yesterday was Hero Day at school. The children were alowed to come dress up as your real life hero. The girls decided that they wanted to go as a Nurse. Since they help people to get better. I asked them: "why don't you go like your daddy?" Eeww.. not like a boy!! OK, how could I have suggested they had to go like a girl, a nurse was the perfect outfit... so that's what the plan was.

The only thing that came in between was a croup cough for Jezz, so she ended up staying at home... being real sick! For JJ that was the perfect opportunity to use her 'skills' on her sister, and she checked her pulse and heartbeat. Luckily that part of the body was still working ;-) But her cough sounded like a sick dog... according to Nurse JJ. So me and Jezz went to the real doctor while JJ was at school getting other patients better ;-)

Hopefully JJ won't get sick also, since they are sleeping in one bed again. With twins it always goes like that. One is sick and by the time she is almost better, the other one gets it. So by Monday Jezz is probably feeling better and then it starts all over again...

Nurse JJ, eager to help some patients at school ;-)

Checking her pulse and heartbeat, Jezz pretending to look real sick ;-)

However, she doesn't realize she LOOKS real sick anyway, even without pretending ;-)

When the girls have a soar throat I always wrap a cold kitchen towel around their neck...seems to help.

That was yesterday, this is today! Jezz is feeling better with the help of some medication, and wants to be a nurse herself. Since we have no other sick children in the house, they are nurse to all their stuffed animals ;-)

So they are pretending to be in the bush, that explains the walkie-talkie... and guess who is Jezz (the one with the sexy pose of course... so funny!

And the glasses are to protect their eyes, so the animals don't cough in their eyes... I see! JJ very seriously in her role, Jezz thinks it's all funny ;-)

Have a good weekend, I hope all your kiddos are not feeling sick... otherwise give us a call. We have 2 very skilled nurses in the house!

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