Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday morning...

It is Sunday morning and the girls are at a Military Boot Camp. 2 of their friends have a Birthday party there. So we will see how that went. They had to wear old clothes and shoes and we have to bring a towel for the car, since they will come back muddy.... The girls were very excited to go, this is a different party than the usual princess fairy parties. But I must say here in SA they have some great party venues. They went already to the Fire station where they could slide down the pole and actually drove in the big truck with sirens, blinking lights and everything. They had parties at mosaic craft stores, at a children theater, in the bush and on and on it goes. At least every weekend we have 1 party to go to. The girls have a busy social life! ;-) I can only imagine when they are, if they are that busy now, how will it be when they are 7 years older??

But we have a nice and varied social life as well. We went on Friday evening to a Theatre nearby. It is a small theatre (about 300 chairs) at the Montecasino shopping mall, which is build like an Italian village. You have small cobblestone streets lined with cafeteria's, boutiques and restaurants. The fronts of the shops are like Italian houses and streets, it is great to go there for a night out. A lot of entertaining like a movie theatre, casino and real theatre. And it is all inside, one part is with a roof that is painted like it is a sunny day and the other half is painted like a clear night with stars.. so pretty.

Outside you have this huge beautiful hotel in Tuscan style, we stayed there when we were on our look-see trip in April last year. Just magnificent!

So went to this show called 'Not the Midnight Mass' we had no idea what to expect but it was just wonderful! 5 a capella singers that were so funny and are the best singers I've heard in a while. The show is about a bunch of people singing around a microphone and telling silly jokes but in voices that are as clear as water. Wow, it was really fun! So now we are planning to buy season tickets to this small theatre and go more often! And the beauty of living in SA are the prices.....a ticket like this is $12... yeah, you read it correct...$12. In the US you would pay at least $45-$60 for something like this, so we are hooked!! And are planning to go more!

This afternoon after the girls come back from their boot camp we are going to the Field and Study centre in Sandton with some colleagues of Dirk. It is a lovely spot to walk and picnic, go for an afternoon stroll and let the kids play at the playground.

Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend as well ;-)

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Emm said...

I miss Montecasino. We spent a lot of time there!


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