Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine party at school

OK, it is Valentine's Day this weekend and my projects for school have kept me busy for the last week. We made 34 cards (JJ and Jezz have each 17 kids in their class).

What we did was we cut out a little fish that is completely made out of hearts, the body is in a heart shape, the lips, the fins. Then we put it on red cardboard paper and cut it out with zigzag scissors. This was my part...then the girls decorated it with glitter glue and little embellishments and wrote their names and the recipient name on it. Pfeww...a project that took us 3 days after school! But it is finished and the girls are as proud as can be ;-)

The girls also have a Valentine party at school today, and the kids will do some Valentine projects. One of the projects I volunteered to help with is to make a tissue paper flower. We made these last year in Ridgefield as a Valentine for every child and it was a huge success. So we are using this again this year...thanks to Martha Stewart, she has the greatest projects all year round!

Me and another mom Susanne prepared some crafts, did the ground work, so the kids only need to assemble them later on at the party. So we cut out the tissue paper, you need about 10 sheets per flower, and we cut out the paper leaves. The kids only need to glue 2 leaves on top of each other with the stem (pipe cleaner) in the middle. Then slide the tissue paper on the top and twist the stem and you have a pretty flower to give to your mom, dad or your sweet valentine!

I love to do these crafts with the girls, so much fun!
What are you up to for Valentines?? Bake a cake, make some crafts or go somewhere romantic with your sweetie pie??

I decorated the contemporary Xmas trees we had into Valentine trees, no more ornaments, but little red hearts, glass ornaments with a red feather inside and some red crystals. It looks very festive. I wanted to host a Valentine's dinner but Dirk is traveling to Lichtenstein (Europe) for 2 weekends, so I am alone with the girls for 9 days. But that doesn't keep us from doing fun stuff ;-)

PS: More pictures of the party at school later...


rosemary said...

Oh this looks like fun. I love doing crafts with kids. They get so excited. Bri and I are going out for some Fondu on Sunday. He is working on actually V-Day.

Kate said...

Ohhhh....looks so festive and sounds like you are having lots of fun!!!

I hope you have a wonderful Valentines day...can't wait to see pictures!!!


plantagenet said...

Like it very much. Bet they did have lots of fun. Have a good time dear for the next 9 days....


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