Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Korean sushi is named Kimbob 한국 초밥

Yesterday I learned how to make Korean Sushi. It is not named sushi, but Kimbob. There is in general no raw fish included.

The girls have some Korean children in their class and they always get the most yummy and colorful lunch boxes to school. So the girls asked me one morning if I could give them Kimbob to school. Yeah, right! I just make some Kimbob for you... no problem!! Of course it is a problem, I don't know how to make that or even what goes into it!

Well, Anita another mom from JJ's class had the same request from her daughter Sonia, so we asked Hyun the mother of Jeongwoo if she could teach us. And she was more than willing to do so! We went to her house and not only did she teach us how to make Kimbob, she also prepared some other yummy Korean snacks and dishes for us to try. Like Korean pizza and some rice sticks wrapped with bacon. How fun is that!! We had a blast and we decided to do this more often.

Making Kimbob or sushi (it is the same just different ingredients and just a different name since Kimbob is in the Korean language and sushi in Japanese) is harder than you think. There are many tricks and special ways to do it, to make the outcome nice and sticky and not fall apart. But we finally got the feeling for it and last night me and the girls had Kimbob for dinner. Dirk was out with his boss for dinner, so he missed this treat. But we saved a few for him ;-)

We made 2 kinds of Kimbob, one was with tuna and sesame leaves, named Chamchi kimbob, see this website I found where you find easy steps to make it, if you are interested ;-) But since Hyun's children don't like this version, I thought it was yummy! we also made a few roles without the sesame leaves and tuna, just with crab, egg omelet, carrot, cucumber, yellow pickled radish strips, sticks of seasoned edible burdock root, and spam (ham in a can).

Here is a video how to make the Kimbob, we didn't use beef but crab meat instead. But it gives you an idea what we learned yesterday. Easy peasy lemon squeasy would Jezzy say :-)

This will be a new dish on our menu. Next week Hyun will take us to the Korean market and we will buy all the necessary ingredients to make it ourselves at home. How fun and yummy!! Thank you 당신을 감사하십시오! Hyun for this yummy and interesting morning :-) 명. 고맙습니다

We are planning to give each other cooking lessons, since Anita is from India but lived a long time in Sweden, she can teach us some Indian and Swedish recipes. And I will be giving some Thai and Dutch cooking classes. We've started a new tradition for our class moms ;-)

당신의 저녁식사를 즐기십시오 = Enjoy your dinner! (I hope translation is correct ;-)


rosemary said...

How fantastic! What a great (and delicious) school situation you guys have there!

Emm said...

Oh yum. I am so hungry now. I love tuna sushi and sashimi.

plantagenet said...

How did you get these Korean letters in your comment.... I am impressed....

Mireille said...

Ginster, there are many translation services out there, just google translation english-korean, type the word and press go... and voila! Then copy and paste....easy peasy lemon sqeasy would Jezzy say ;-)


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