Friday, June 6, 2008

Weekend at the Waldorf=Astoria

Because I am moving pretty soon to South Africa, and I will miss hanging out with my friend Marion, we have planned a girl’s weekend out. Just the two of us, to have fun, chat and get treated like a queen. Where else in NYC than the Waldorf=Astoria can you do that?! So we booked a room in the classic and art-deco hotel. It is situated on Park Avenue, right in the middle of a lot of fun stuff to do, and the best shopping on 5th Avenue. The hotel reminds me of old New York money and I am sure we will be feeling like celebrities this weekend ;-)

I am hoping to have the most succulent meals, fantastic drinks and just enjoy the opulence atmosphere that permeates throughout the lobby. I heard the rooms are spacy and comfy, and the wait staff is impeccable. So I will let you know how our weekend went on Monday. Prepare yourself for some amazing pics or stories.

Have a great weekend y’all!

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