Friday, June 13, 2008

good stuff from the USA

Next week we're moving!! Now it is going fast and we are just buying a few more items that will remind us of the USA, when we are in our house in South Africa. So what are the items that reminds us of the US or more specific of the North East? A grill and some cozy chairs. And that is exactly what we will take. Just to keep on partying when we are there, with top of the notch stuff from good ol'USA. We have to keep the name high here!! ;-)
Dirk is totally in love with his new Weber Genesis EP-320, with side-burner and stainless steel grill. I was really in love with this new color; copper. So we are both happy, he with the grill, I with the color ;-) well we work together as a team (LOL).
We bought 2 weathered wineblush red adirondacks with side table at Walpole woodworks on route 7 here in Ridgefield. They will look just great in our new yard in SA. Very comfy and beautiful! This reminds me so much of the North East, you won't see these in SA.

And on top of that another shipment from IKEA is arriving today, so that 40-foot high top container will be filled till the brim for the 6-8 weeks shipment...I hope it won't sink! We are ready for the move! Although it is funny we haven't even packed one box and we only sleep in this house another 4 days. You wouldn't think we are moving. But the packers don't want us to do anything! So we won't ;-)

Have a great day y'all!

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