Saturday, June 14, 2008


Friday afternoon, 2 parties planned for JJ and Jezz. First a pool party at Logan's house, a class mate from Jezz. That was fun, all the kids from his class were invited plus JJ, although she is from another class, he likes her a lot and so she was invited as well.

After that a Beach Birthday party for Emmy and Ella. JJ and Jezz's best friends!

The rest of the weekend is not much different. Only parties, parties, parties, each day 2. Pool, Beach, BBQ and Goodbye Parties. So not much else to do, except between and before the parties we are cleaning out the last items before the movers come on Tuesday.
Ella, Emmy & Jezz Emmy & Jezz as monkeys

These pictures are from Emmy & Ella's monkey beach party that JJ and Jezz attended yesterday. They had so much fun! All sort of activities, swimming, crafts and other fun things they did. It was a blast!

We will surely miss Emmy, Ella, Mia, Bob and Val! We always had great times with them ;-) And Emmy and Ella are JJ and Jezz's first and best friends here in Ridgefield. We just have to start emailing, skyping to keep in touch with the Liu's! I already set up JJ and Jezz's own email address, so if you like to drop them a line send it to! We are waiting for the first email ;-)

Have a good weekend y'all!

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