Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shopping spree

I am a bit on a shopping spree before we are leaving. Since the $ is so low compared to the €, I believe I will go in shock when I see the prices in Europe. Clothing and most other items are more expensive anyway, and then the comparison € against $ it must be huge.

So these are just a few items I just purchased; of course all for the girls…what is new!
These are mirrors from Pottery barn kids, aren’t these cute? A set of three, each with a pattern of art deco-style leaves in classic white. I am actually not even sure if I will use these for the girls, they fit anywhere in the house.

(By the way: isn't this wallpaper darling? I just love that as well, too bad they are not selling that.)
Then this clothes tree I ordered online at
I wanted a fun way to encourage the girls to hang up their clothes. I thought this ingenious tree is a real beauty and functional. They can hang shirts, jackets, hats -- you name it -- from the slanted branches and rounded "fruits." Cool or not? Even when it is not in use it looks funky!
And then at; one of my favorite Dutch online clothing stores. They sell retro groovy kids wear. Made from vintage fabrics found at markets, so they make only unique pieces. I wanted something orange, since the ORANGE CRAZE is raging through Europe and Africa, because of the Euro cup soccer. And when the girls go with daddy to a football match they at least can wear a orange skirt to support the team ;-)
But of course we can't have something ordinairy, the girls have to have something unique, groovy, sassy, swanky, hip, bright, bold & funky that gives you the wiggles & giggles! I thought of sloppop, and I ordered 2 cute skirts like these. Sloppop will custom make them for me in the size and color I want. Isn’t that cool?? Check out Liesbeth's website, you will LOVE it!!

Happy shopping, if you are into it ;-)

…… I am not finished yet!

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