Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day papa!

Happy Father's Day Dicky D!
Dirk got surprised with handmade photo frames, cards, shirts and an 'amazing dad' DVD, where he plays the lead role. This DVD was the hit of the day!! The girls had so much fun to see their dad as a super hero in a movie!
An action filled super hero adventure where your favorite Dad defeats the villainous Professor Nasty. Dad's face appears again and again as “Amazing Dad” saves the universe from all of Professor Nasty’s dastardly deeds time and again. “Amazing Dad” flies at mach speed, is a martial arts master and journeys to distant planets to protect all. The world is a safer place now that your “Amazing Dad” is on the case. Great for all action – adventure fans!

The morning we spent with our dear friend Espen, he came from the City last night to be with us one more time before we move and the afternoon we spent with our good friends Marion and Blake at their house and then we all went to dinner. We had fun, but it was also a bit sad, since we are saying goodbye these days to all our good and dear friends! Luckily it is not the last time this week I will see Marion, but the ending is coming soon ;-(

And of course we called our own dads in the Netherlands, we miss them but we will see them next weekend, since we are going on vacation to Holland and France next week before we fly off to South Africa!

Here the girls are looking at an interesting bug on the tree, while we were waiting outside for Amazing Dad!

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