Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Relatively new trend in N. Amerca; Fooding

When we were in Montreal, we noticed that 'Fooding' is a trend in a lot of fusion and newer restaurants.

For those not in the know, "Fooding" is a term coined in 1999 by two French journalists, Emmanuel Rubin of FigaroScope and Alexandre Cammas of Nova Magazine. They wanted to stir things up in the world of gastronomy, and put the "feeling" (with a French accent, it's important) back into food. With the pleasure that many of the younger French generation take in English, the neologism combines “food” and “feeling”. And the motto on their website reads, “taste of the époque.” Indeed for these young French food lovers, great food is not just technical execution, but the spirit of the meal, the chef, and the place in which it is eaten. Amongst other things, they organize events in trendy locations all through the year, during which you can eat food prepared by up-and-coming chefs, taste excellent wine, listen to good music -- all of this for free or a nominal fee. This was not the case in Montreal, but in Paris. But we have that city on our list for July, so we will tell you later more about that! ;-)

Well, this is up our alley! We love food, but more the feeling the restaurant embodies, so the trend is rather to eat a few smaller dishes and taste as many cuisines as possible, drink some delicious wine with it and enjoy your company and surroundings!
That's exactly what we did on our trip to Montreal, Burlington and Boston!...and soon Paris where we will experience the real deal.

Bon Appetit!

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