Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hup, Holland Hup!! ~ GO HOLLAND GO!!

It's crazy right now in Holland, they won from Italy in the Euro soccer games. And they are estatic, the country is celebrating and as usual everything and everybody is wearing ORANGE. And strangers are kissing each other, sometimes in weird places ;-)
The Dutch are crazy when it comes to soccer, actually everywhere in the world, except the US, they call it football!
The soccer fans were in extacy when Ruud van Nistelrooy made the first goal. You could see hope sparkled everywhere! Wesley Sneijder makes the second goal and Giovanni van Bronckhorst makes the third. 3-0 against Italy. Holland made history again!! The world champion Italy has failed against the Orange team....and everybody is beyond themselves...
I am not really a soccer fans, but during these times you can't go anywhere without feeling the enthousiasme from the country and the color orange just makes you so happy!!

I know Dirk is as happy as can be, now we still have a chance to see some of the soccer scene and games when we are in Holland in 2 weeks!!


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matt said...

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