Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday JJ & Jezz!

Yesterday, April 27th it was Jasmine's and Juliet's 6th Birthday!! We had a big party at the house with our friends and their children. 18 adults and 18 children, so the house was full!
We started our day, really early, since the girls were so excited to open their gifts. Our guests were coming at 3pm, so JJ and Jezz played all day with their new toys, they were quite happy and content. But after a few hours, the day seemed so long for them, since we were up at dawn! They got excited and anxious now for their friends to arrive, so the party could start!
I was cooking food since 8am and just finished in time at 2pm to get myself ready and into the shower before everybody arrived. I made quite some international dishes from SE Asia, India, Kerala and it involved quite some preparation, but I am happy when I am fiddling in the kitchen. Our friend Espen who lives in the City came over for the weekend and the guys were doing their thing, while the girls played with their new Barbie laptop, nail art or make-over doll, while I cooked up a storm.

At 3pm the party started in full swing and we had a blast with all our friends, realizing that this was probably the last big party here at this house.
Well, happy memories for sure!!

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