Monday, April 14, 2008

House for Sale

Our house is officially on the market under MLS #98374213, click on it to see a larger image. Go to and check our more details, if you are interested in buying a contemporary waterfront property with 3 beds/3baths in Ridgefield, CT.

We had yesterday our first Open House. It went well and we hope that a nice family will have such a good times in this house as we had. We will definitely miss it!

We were busy the last 2 weeks, with decluttering, sprucing up the yard and painting here and there, so the house looks nice, fresh and updated. The work paid off, it looks nice. Now we just need some sunny days so all the daffodils and the other flowers will come out and some more green in the trees and this yard here on the water will be such a delight! The coming weeks the garden will improve so much, all the grey will be gone and the fresh green will look so amazing here. Every year it baffles me how beautiful nature can be! You will see, I will keep updating photo's as the yard will become more green and green, it will look so fresh and beautiful. And then the newborn birds, geese and swans will come out of their nests, JJ and Jezz love this time of the year. It is so cute to see all these baby animals in our yard. Luckily we can enjoy it one more year before we are heading to South Africa!

Tell your family and friends to come to our Open House next Sunday, April 20th.
Hope to see you ;-)

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