Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Soaking in the sun

The sun is shining for a few days now, and I am enjoying the fresh, crispy, new green buds on the trees. The daffodils that are everywhere. I am just sitting in my yard and enjoying it. The girls are playing outside, collecting bugs, flowers and other great finds. I am thinking about my life, the changes that will happen soon and just realizing that 6 weeks ago we where not aware of any changes in the near future. However, today I enjoy a quite moment for just a tiny moment here in my yard, sitting in the sun and soaking up the beautiful view of the lake in front of me.

The last month was just a whirlwind of activities. We went to SA for a look-see visit and house hunting trip. We rented a house there, after seeing about 30 properties in just 4 days. We came back and put our house on the market, after a quick sprucing up, some paint here and there, some freshly planted annuals in the yard, decluttering the whole house and hosting 2 Open Houses and the house is under contract now after just a merely 10 days on the market! I Can't believe it is happening in this slow market. I have mixed feelings at the moment, everything happening so fast. Although we are happy to find a great person who will buy our home, we are quite sad to leave this beautiful spot..... But that is how it goes in the Dijkstra household, leaving at the peak of the moment, so you only have nice memories left!
Can you imagine: 6 weeks ago; we didn't know we have a house in SA, almost sold our house here and moving the whole shebang in 8 weeks to the other side of the globe again.

I am also getting my citizenship next month, at least I have to do the test May 12th, so I have to start studying for that. We have to do all that paperwork again for our new visas for SA, it is a whole lot of paperwork. Luckily we have done it before, so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle. More paperwork to fill in for the new school for JJ and Jezz. Checking our health updates and immunizations if needed. A lot comes with moving to another country. So, still a lot to do in the coming weeks ahead of us.

But today, I am enjoying the sun, the view of the lake, I listen to the birds tjirping in the yard and just being happy and reflecting on the good times we had here!

Hope you do that as well, once in a while....enjoy the moment!
Have a great day y'all,
Mireille ;-)

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