Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Horton hears a who!

Today, we had the Open House for the realtors, so we had to be out of the house for a few hours. And since the girls have spring break, and they were complaining that since we have the house on the market I won't let them get all their toys out of the room and into the living area, that they were bored! So, I decided to go to the movies with them, I kinda felt sorry for them, they had a point there ;) The choice was: Horton hears a who, a Dr. Seuss movie. Great choice! JJ and Jezz had a blast, it is such a funny movie! We also went for lunch to Applebee's, or as JJ says: Applebeans and Jezz: Applebeast.
It turned out today was a girls day & night out! Since as soon as we came home, Patsy a friend of us called us to ask if we wanted to come over for a glass of wine and some dipping in the jacuzzi. So as well as mommy as the girls were happy to say YES to that invitation! Girls have to do what girls have to do... poor daddy is working his @#& off in Dubai. And I am sure wondering where we were when he does his daily call to the home front! So to quote Dr. Seuss (although I changed it a bit): From there to here, from here to there, Funky things are everywhere! You just have to find them ;-)
One day, Horton the elephant hears a cry from help coming from a speck of dust. Even though he can't see anyone on the speck, he decides to help it. As it turns out, the speck of dust is home to the Whos, who live in their city of Whoville. Horton agrees to help protect the Whos and their home, but this gives him nothing but torment from his neighbors, who refuse to believe that anything could survive on the speck. Still, Horton stands by the motto that, "After all, a person is a person, no matter how small".

Another day went by at the Dijkstra's.....

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