Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am not a plastic bag!

My friend Valerie and I bought this sought after bag in NYC this weekend. Since Central Park was celebrating Earth Day we felt pretty good to walk around with this bag. However, is it an Eco-trend or a fashion faux-pax? The bag was sold out so fast in London, and in New York the shopping totes sold out within 29 minutes at the Columbus Circle branch of Wholefoods the day they came out! People queued up overnight, sleeping on camp beds and chairs to grab a bag when the store opened. On Ebay they are sold for up to $150...crazy isn't it? Fashion trend or not, it seems that folks are hungry for this sort of thing. Following the ongoing global movement to steer consumer culture away from excessive plastic bag consumption. (Banning plastic bags in San Francisco, Hong Kong and Melbourne).
I'm pleased to see reuesable tote bags make big gains in popularity, we used it all the time at home when I was a kid! Then it dissapeared for a while. Only now when the designers make a fashion statement out of it, it becomes trendy again and you'll see eco-chic tote bags of all shapes and sizes. However, the hype and excitement surrounding Anya Hindmarch’s trendy “I am Not A Plastic Bag” design (which sold out of London stores just hours after being released) is somewhat baffling, although we should be happy to see 'eco' becoming trendy. Hopefully it will continue to be trendy for a long time, so at the same time we'll save the planet bit by bit.

Today is Happy Earth Day, and I am trying to tell Jasmine & Juliet about how we can save the earth by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. This little booklet helps them understand it more on a childs level. That is where we have to start, by teaching the children to take care of our earth. Not by bying designer bags....although if that means that you are not using as much as plastic bags, then you contribute at least. It is a big task, but if we all help a little, it becomes a lot!

Funky Doodle Donkey is all for Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. I believe Recycling is groovy, sassy, swanky, hip, bold & funky that gives you the wiggles & giggles!
Enjoy your Earth!

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