Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meeting friends in Virginia Beach

Dirk has joined the forces and now we are moving from Bethany Beach to Pine Knoll Shores in the Outer Banks. A 5 hour drive but we stop in the middle to meet our blogging and FB friends April and her gorgeous family. I couldn't wait to meet them, since we have been in touch via internet for so long, it is nice to finally meet!

Instead of meeting in a local restaurant, April and her husband Hung invited us to their home to have lunch there. That was just so fabulous!! I love it when people feel comfortable enough to do that, it makes the visit 10x more memorable!

To see your friends in their own environment gives you a better idea of how the family interacts together, and since we had only time for lunch and a bit chatting before and after this was just the BEST!!

We hit it off really well, and I am hoping that if we come next time to the USA we can spend some more time together!

Here some pictures of some of us, April will send me another picture with all of us together and then I will add it later! For now we have to do with these ones.

Juliet, Grace, Jasmine and Gabriel.

Juliet and Grace, 2 pretty Thai girls.

Me & April, who is expecting twin girls. Can't wait to meet these little babies!

JJ & Jezz are showing their hermit crabs to Grace & Gabe, fun how kids immediately bond.

And here they are all engrossed in the new Nintendo 3D DS, electronic games and pets... that is what all kids like!

Thank You so much Hung & April for your hospitality!! We truly enjoyed the visit and lunch at your house!! Please come and visit us in South Africa!

April is a great writer and military mom, where she writes on her blog about, check her site out. She is good!!

Now up to another beach!
Mireille xx

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