Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Outer Banks ~ Pine Knoll Shores, part 1

We are heading to the Outer Banks for a week on the beach, and I mean directly on the beach! We went to this beach house 4 years ago and we had such a good time, that we decided to go again. Although that is a bit against my principles, rather explore a new spot than go to the old... but we met such wonderful friends the last time in the hopes to see them again. And the location doesn't hurt either, as you can see!

This is what DIRK wanted... the view from his balcony, right onto the ocean.

He is a happy camper!

Just stroll to the beach within 2 seconds, and his chair, umbrella, beer & books are waiting for him :-)

This is what JASMINE & JULIET wanted; to catch the waves with daddy. Totally happy campers!!

This is what I wanted; no crowded beaches, peace & quite, everybody happy means mommy is happy! Time for reading!

This is what we ALL wanted; to see our dear friends Barbara & Wallace! We had such great memories of spending our last vacation here, that we definitely wanted to see them again. And we had so much fun together!!

Barbara showed the girls how to catch ghost crabs at night the last time we were here. The girls were 5 years old, but they still remembered and looked so much forward seeing Barbara again and borrowing her gear to catch crabs, and sure they did!

The BEST time is when you can spent it with friends or family, and that is what Pine Knoll Shores means to us... spending time with dear friends. We loved seeing you again! Love to you Mrs. A & Pop Pop!!

More to come...
Mireille xx

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Leah and Maya said...

I want all that too! looks amazing! My favortie vacation is on the beach, I'm with Dirk, I mean on the beach. Of course even if we could afford to go to the beach, and drive there which we have done a few times, its not a warm beach, and thats what Maya has requested. So off to camping for now........


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