Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pine Knoll Shores, Outer Banks ~ part 2

One day around sun set, Dirk, me and our friends were having a cocktail on the beach (see pic from last post) and the girls had enough of swimming. So they went back into the house and got dressed... into these white dresses. They wanted to find some shells. So I didn't say anything... ran back into the house (see that is what you can do when you live right onto the beach and grabbed my camera). This shoot was not planned and took only 10 minutes... if that!

The result is awesome! See for yourself, how great are these shots, straight out of the camera, no editing, no planning, just the best memory of our time on the beach!

Since there were not much shells to find, they decided to jump the waves!

I changed a few to B/W, gives you a total different feeling, more artsy. What do you think? Which ones you like better?

How fun to have your sister at all times around to share these memories!
I feel blessed!

What a great summer!
Mireille xx


domesticwormhole said...

I love that picture of them laughing. Beautiful shots. =)


Leah and Maya said...

so so awesome! I love the color! them laughing, just amazing. Oh the beach so therapuetic and wonderufl.

Teri D. said...

oh they look like angels!! You've managed to capture some sweet moments between the girls!


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