Friday, August 19, 2011

Pine Knoll Shores, Outer Banks ~ part 3

Since the last photo shoot on the beach went so easy, relaxed and had such great outcome, I decided to take another photo shoot in the dunes in front of our beach house.

I asked the girls to wisk up their hair in a loosely bun and we headed off to the right spot, but Jasmine was pouting and giving me a hard time. She totally didn't work with me at all... so I became a bit mad. Because everything she asks ME I will do, I give these girls so much of my effort, love and affection and that is what I told her. I said we will try it again in a few days and I hope you will work a bit better with me... she promised a bit reluctant. But these are the shots of the first difficult session....

Later she told me that she totally hated the hair, so I promised her we will do a different hairdo the next time....

Poor JJ, she feels the tension and is trying really hard, but even her smile is not genuine..

Another sunset and we start with a new session, let's see how this works out... The hairdo is better now for Jezz, so nothing stands in the way... It's funny how the twins work each other. When Jezz gives me a hard time with anything, JJ tends to become easier, more compliant than ever! I guess she feels bad and wants to mend the situation... too funny! And you can see this on the faces... Jezz still reluctant to fully give herself and JJ over the top happy smiles :-)

JJ is diligent working it, Jezz is slowly thawing... and I see a sneak peek of a smile.

But not too long, and definitely not full force!

Oh, here comes the smile....

But then it leaves again, while JJ must have pain in her jaws from the constant smile :-)

But finally I get them both to smile... such sweet faces!

The beach was gorgeous this evening...

Oh how I love these girls!! With or without moods :-)
But I can see a pre-view of what the teenage years will bring me!!
I hope I'll survive... LOL

Mireille xx


Wyndee said...

What little beauties!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures.

We went to California for our holiday this year. I knew we were going to the beach and bought the girls sweet little white dresses for pictures. But it was really cold in Monterey and I didn't have the heart to ask the girls to wear them! We will have to go to NC next year.


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