Monday, August 15, 2011

Ship Ahoy!

OK, my last post was while we were in Delaware, our 3+4th week on vacation. We met Jenn, Jeff and Ruby for a day to go take a boat ride on a Pirate ship. (Jenn and Ruby had stayed with us for a few days but were now in their in-laws summer house just down the road.) It seemed like a wonderful adventure but Jasmine and Juliet were a bit worried that this was only for small kids, and mind you, they are not small any more :-)

But at first a bit apprehensive, the girls ended up liking the boat ride a lot! So sometimes they just have to trust their mother on these kind of things and it all works out!

See here some pics of the day....

This creepy guy welcomed us on board!

See how JJ and Jezz are a bit reluctant, but Ruby is in her role, totally dressed up for the day, so fun!! Go Ruby!!

All the kids have to come and learn the PP ~ Pirate Pledge!

Then they got taught what 'All Hands on Deck' means....

The task of the day is to find the treasure and see where Pirate Pete is.

The kids on the look-out for Pirate Pete and the treasure, of course they find both!

My girls were having fun at last! And Ruby had a total blast!! So fun to see how she enjoyed this huge adventure!

After the boat ride and a yummy lunch we went to Jeff's parents beach house in South Bethany and since the house has a canal in the back the girls did some crabby catching. This was for sure their high light of the day!!

And look as real pros they got a big one at the first try!! So much fun!

Here Jeff is releasing one crab from the net and then it will go back into the waters. Jasmine, Ruby and Juliet are watching carefully to see if everything goes well with their crabby...

Another great day spent in Bethany Beach, it was so much fun here!

Dirk joined the forces and now we are heading to Pine Knoll Shores in the Outerbanks, but on our way we will meet fellow blogger and FB friend April and her family, more about that the next time!

Ciao, Mireille xx

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Maci Miller said...

Great pics, Mireille! That was such a fun day!


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