Friday, April 23, 2010

Thailand, soon we come!

As you maybe know South Africa is hosting the World Cup Soccer this year in June. Dirk is a lucky guy, he has 9 tickets and is going to 9 different stadiums all over South Africa. June/July and half August, the girls have winter break.... 10 weeks off from school, so that would mean. Me and the girls are pretty much home alone, while Dirk is going to all his soccer games, which I am very happy for him to be able to do this. Since it is a once in a life time event, living in a country that is hosting the WC. So I let him go to all these games.... under 1 condition! ;-) and you might know me by now, my conditions are good ;-)

The condition is... that me and the girls are going to Thailand for 8 weeks/2 months.... yes you read it correct!! We are going to Koh Samui, I've rented a house on the beach and we are going to enjoy ourselves!
While SA is going crazy about this soccer I want some peace and ZEN in my life, getting some massages on the beach, eating FAB Thai food, doing some cooking classes here and there, checking out the latest spa treatments, reading my books on my new KINDLE that is coming soon!! We will have a blast!

The girls will be introduced again to Thai culture, I am even going to send them to school in the mornings so they can have some basic Thai language, seeing how children live in Thailand and being part of it. Going to visit some temples, introducing them to their mother land... how great is that!! They are old enough now to soak it all in and more important; REMEMBER it! The last time we were in Thailand for our sabbatical of 3 months, the girls were only 3,5 years old, so they don't remember much... but this time they will. And I will MAKE it MAGIC for them!!

So this is the place where we will be staying on Koh Samui, one of the bigger touristy islands in Thailand at a beach called Bang Po, a nice tranquil beach, not too touristy and away from all the hustle and bustle but close enough since I am also renting a car to go places!!

Baan Laem Noi is a small resort with only 7 bungalows, a pool and direct on the beach. We will have the house in the middle.

And this is how it looks like, cute or what? For 6 weeks I will be here with the girls, and my dad is coming to visit for 2 weeks. Then after soccer season is over, Dirk will join us for 3-4 days before we are heading out to explore the rest of Thailand for another 2 weeks.

So while Dirk is having the time of his life in SA, me and the girls are having the time of our lives in our beloved Thailand!! We all have a great deal!!

So if you are in Thailand during June and July, give me shout and we can meet!! I would LOVE that!!

Have a Fabulous Friday!!


Wendy said...

So, so, so, so, so super envious!!! I wish you all a wonderful holiday. I just wish you could shove us in your suitcases!

April said...

You are going to have SOOO much fun!!! Please make sure you have WiFi so you can keep us updated with lots of pictures! What an amazing experience for the girls.

plantagenet said...

absolutely pretty, I am sure you will like it there. You are going to be busy and have vistors, right? 6 weeks seem long, normally they will be over in a blink! wish you lots of fun

browniegirl said...

Hi there, this is my first visit to your beautiful, colorful and happy blog. I have loved reading the little bit that I did today. You are so fortunate to be going to Thailand during the loooooong holiday. Its a fabulous idea if you can do it. I hope you all enjoy a wonderful time there. xx

Anonymous said...

我們不是因為快樂而歌唱,而是唱歌使我們快樂.............................. said...

So envious!!!

Maci Miller said...

Okay, you go on some nice trips, but THIS one really makes me jealous! What an incredible experience for the girls to learn Thai and really know their culture! You are a great mom. And since you are, what a nice treat for you to relax beach side! Sip some fresh coconut milk (in the shell) and soak up the sun for me!

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

You are so right by giving your girls such a wonderful memory of their homeland and culture. Do you know where their biological parents are and where they were born? Sometimes it could play on their minds when they a little older, what and where??
Hope you enjoy your timeout in Thailand. IT's the only Asian country I would love to visit.

Annie said...

Another amazing stay and an amazing place! How fantastic!

Sharon said...

I am super-duper jealous! Also Super-Duper Happy for you and the girls! What an amazing trip and such wonderful memories you will create for the JJ and Jezz. I too hope you have internet!


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