Thursday, April 22, 2010


I LOVE this image, and I love to promote AFRICA!!

The Official First issue of Pop'Africana hits stands in New York, Paris, London, Berlin on April 29th and I spotted it already!
(Just realized that ;-) .... I am such a trend setter... LOL
See for more beautiful images and great impressions of Oroma Elewa a former model with a Nigerian background who lives in NYC. (I LOVE my Nigerian friends, and I am sure they will appreciate it that I found this great magazine). She is the editor and creative director of Pop’Africana Magazine.
She is also a fashion portrait photographer.
Both and this blog, serve as audio-visual continuations of the magazine.
But here, you’ll find her interests, obsessions, discoveries, thoughts, ideas, all that inspires her work as an editor and photographer.

Check Oroma out, it will be a hit soon and then you know about it already!! Via me, your trend setter friend ;-)

Have a Terrific Thursday!

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