Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday sweet peas!

The girls are 8! I can't believe how fast life goes when you are having fun!
3 months old where JJ and Jezz when we got them, I just can't believe that 8 years have flown by!!

First they celebrated at school, the day before their Bday, since there is no school on April 27th in South Africa because of FREEDOM DAY.
Both classes got together and sang a Birthday song for Jasmine and Juliet and then they could give each child a treat, I ordered cupcakes at our favorite baker TART here in the neighborhood. It is always fun to celebrate at school with all your friends.

Juliet and Jasmine both with their favorite teachers, Mrs. Kelley & Mrs. Clark!

After the cupcakes were devoured all the kids could play outside to get some of that sugar rush out their body and here the girls are posing for me. While the boys are running wild in the background.

from L to R: Paula ~ Jeongwoo ~ Sofie ~ Jezz ~ Zahra ~ JJ ~ Iris ~ Emma ~ Chenika

Then on the day itself the girls opened their presents before breakfast even, they just couldn't wait, still in PJ's and anticipating on what was in those packages... Well, happy as can be with all their gifts. Zhu Zhu pets and DS games where their favorites so far, but more was coming since in the afternoon all our friends with their children would come and more gifts to be opened.

The girls got so spoiled by all our friends and they had many many fun gifts. Thank You to all our friends (Dunke, Tehmina, Candice, Marta, Maryam, Huyn, Stella, Schuyla, Mo and Marisca) who were so generous to our girls!! They LOVED all their gifts!! and of course the Grandparents in Holland who spoiled our girls as well!! It is so fun to be 8!

Such a fun day! And even more fun is coming soon, because we are going camping in 2 weeks with 10-12 girls for a night, so that is exciting!!

Congratulations on your Bday Jasmine and Juliet, we are so happy, proud and thankful to be your parents!! We love you very much!

Up to another fabulous year!!


Robin and Kyle said...

Happy birthday!! It looks like you guys had a great time celebrating!

Leah and Maya said...

looks liek a fantastic day! maybe not as fun as your birthday party but looks like a great day to turn 8!

hirallysantiago@gmail.com said...

Happy Birthday - so sweet, it is amazing how fast time goes by and how quickly they get so big!

Rupe0705rtJ_Brobst said...

嘩做左推介BLOG 果然人氣勁旺 ........................................

plantagenet said...

wonderful pics of a nice party! love the girls group pic!!!

plantagenet said...
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Maci Miller said...

Wow, how they are growing up! Such beautiful girls! Hope they had a really special day!


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