Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Car washing for Byron the Cheetah...

A few weeks ago the girls had a real life Cheetah visiting in their classes. It was so exciting for the children. They could see Byron the Cheetah up close and even pet him!! That was a very exciting day for JJ and Jezz!

So last week the girls came home and had a sheet of chores they could do at home to make some money so they could support the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre where Byron lives. I promised the girls each R50 = $7 if they would:
- make their beds every morning for 1 week
- clean up the dishes after dinner for 1 week
- clean up their play room for 1 week (they didn't mess it up all week)
- wash my car
- be good at school (this was the easiest I guess... they mostly are)

So all the chores were done last week and the Easter weekend was a great opportunity to wash my car, I only took pictures of the car washing, but the other ones they did as well.

See here Byron the Cheetah coming to school and the girls washing my car to earn some money to support the cheetah centre where Byron lives.

But then the girls got too wet and hot and they changed into their swimsuits, much better! And then you can sprinkle each other a bit with water too, more fun as well!

Then the car was clean and dry, but now the girls needed some refreshments and they dipped into the hot tub and pool.. the best!

And here an update from the teachers:

Dear Parents,
Thank you, thank you, for supporting the 2nd grade children in their recent efforts to raise money for the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre. We are all very proud of their energy and their success! In total, the children collected R 1,590.00 = $220 by doing a variety of jobs. It was great to see all the ways they helped you around the house.
Earlier in the year we learned that one way to help in the conservation of animals is through education. Together we thought it would be a good idea to raise the money it would cost for Byron to visit another school; one that might not have the opportunity otherwise. In that way, more people would be able to learn about the cheetah, why it is important, and how they can help protect all kinds of wildlife!
We’ve just been informed that there is a community called Ga-Rankuwa, in Northern Pretoria, which will benefit from our sponsorship. It will be exciting to see our ideas turn into action in the very near future. We will tell you more about the event as the planning and the date is finalized.

The Second Grade Team
Beth, Kim, Caroline & Amina

How great was that of the second graders? I am so proud of their teachers and all the children for doing such a wonderful job for a great cause!!

Have a good week y'all,


Wendy said...

I would just faint if I got to pet a cheetah! They are my absolute favorite animal. I think they are so gorgeous! Those faces! How lucky the girls were to get to meet one face to face!

Anonymous said...


Leah and Maya said...

Maya would be in heaven, she LOVES wild cats of any kind. How awesome the kids raised money, education is where its at.

plantagenet said...

love it!!!! great pics!

Annie said...

Look at those girls go on that car wash!! I should have them stop by and work on my car! Byron the Cheetah must have been a great experience at school. They are beautiful animals.

Maci Miller said...

Wow that is really great! Such good girls you have and what a great collective effort for the whole class! That cheetah photo is so beautiful. How nice your girls are learning so much about them. The pool pics are real cute, too! Looks like fun!


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