Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter weekend

The weekend is only half over, but we did already so many fun things...

First Jasmine lost her upper tooth, she looks so different with that huge gap in her mouth, like an old lady, so funny!

We decorated our Easter tree. Normally we have little paper mache eggs on there, but I couldn't find my Easter decoration and here in SA you can't buy anything, so we made all the decorations ourselves. Colored and cut out Easter eggs, 2 on each side with a little string attached in the middle and voila... Then we decorated the tree with some spring flowers and our beautiful tree was done!

We colored some hard boiled eggs the old fashioned way, with food coloring hot water and vinegar, because even Easter dye you can't find here and also no white eggs, so the colors are a bit muted, but still we love them anyway. The girls can't seem NOT to pose even when they are doing their arts and crafts ;-)

And this morning the girls and me made a fancy breakfast. First we made some yogurt with berries and muesli and then we made a egg, ham in a bread cup. Jasmine and Juliet are into cooking, so they are helping me all the time with preparations, fun!

We also made some Easter bread, see below. The only thing was that the dye of the egg bleeded a bit on the bread, which doesn't make it look so fancy, but we still will eat them tomorrow morning :-)

And now we need some relaxation, so we are going to the movies (Nanny McPhee & the big bang) and do some dinner later at the fun Montecasino.

What are your activities this weekend?


Wendy said...

Great pictures! Love the gap!

I need your ham, egg, and bread cup recipe. They look delicious!

We're killing---I mean, dying--our eggs this afternoon the old fashioned way, too. Those kits just don't do the trick for me!

Annie said...

I think that Easter tree is so neat. We will be decorating the Easter eggs tonight too! And by the way, I will be stopping by for that breakfast next time, yummmm!

Leah and Maya said...

I love the easter tree! and I can't wait for Maya to cook I'm hoping she likes too.
Have a Happy Easter, soon I think there will be 2 girls missing their teeth!

Wyndee said...

That missing tooth is awesome!!! I love it!

We colored eggs tonight--- we bought one of those spinner things, and it worked pretty well. We ended up with some interesting tie-dyed eggs.

Robin and Kyle said...

Your bread turned out beautiful! I bet it was delicious!

Boonsong said...

Thanks for this delightful post. Great photos too

Mireille said...

The recipe you can find here:
Instead of bacon I used ham, it's easy and yummy!

April said...

Yeah! Gabe lost his other top tooth just last week-it really does make them look different!
Your Easter breads look delightful!

Maci Miller said...

Hey, that bread looks really good! The Easter tree is cute, too!


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