Sunday, April 18, 2010

The battle of the cakes... update!

OK, I made both cakes and they are indeed quite similar.. the biggest taste difference is that the Dutch cake has cinnamon in it (which my girls really liked) and the German cake has lemon zest in it (which I preferred). So with the 3 of us being in the home, me baking the cakes and the girls trying their tricks out on the skeelers, I must say both cakes are more cake than apples. (By the way, skeelers are skates on wheels, so the Dutch could practice their skating in the summer when their was no ice).

The girls preferred to play inside, since the tiles in the house make it smooth sailing! And it was already dark outside and these girls are scaredy cats!

When I grew up we had more apples than cake in the recipe. These I just plucked off the internet, the pictures looked great and I just wanted to try them out. Since there are almost 17 million people in the Netherlands, and 82 million in Germany you can imagine that there are a zillion recipes for each country for an apple cake. So I just want to let you know that this is NOT the recipe I grew up eating, but just another variation of a Dutch apple cake...

Below the Dutch Apple Cake; Jasmine & Juliet both liked this version the best, for me it was too little apple and more cake. Also it came out a bit too dark. The first 10 minutes in the oven at the highest temperature could have been left out and just bake it for 35 minutes on 350F/180C.

Below the German Apple Cake; for me the WINNER! The lemon zest makes it really fresh tasting and there are 2 apples instead of 1 apple in this recipe, it is a bit more dense (since only 1 tsp of baking powder instead of 2,5 and I like that). Next time though if I make this again, I will try it even with 3 apples! The baking time was perfect!

So if you wonder why I would make 2 the same cakes?? Well, I have a book club meeting the day after tomorrow in my house and I like to make an Apple cake for dessert and I wanted to try one out and see which one taste the best!

It will be the GERMAN APPLE CAKE for sure with 3 apples inside!

Have a Super Sunday!


Leah and Maya said...

boy I wish I liked to cook, I should say I like to bake, but really I don't I just like to eat the sweets!

Maci Miller said...

Boy, you are GOOD! Both look delicious!

Annie said...

Love those girls "skeeling" around the house! Those cakes actually made my mouth water a little! I have been super busy working extra hours, but would love to try those recipes when things slow down a little.

Mireille said...

So I made the German one today at my book club meeting, but also Vietnamese fresh spring rolls, Lettuce wraps, coconut shrimp and Pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup. We had a lovely discussion about the book Fiela's child.


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