Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Sunday in South Africa.

The weather starts warming up so we decided to do an early walk. I saw this ad in the local newspaper and we decided to go:
Walk The Wilds
Go and walk The Wilds and take in 5km of its indigenous wonderland of one of Joburg's gems on Sunday, 23 August. Meet at 8am sharp on the corner of St Patrick Road and Houghton Drive, where you'll park.

Leaving at 8am sharp, meant we had to wake up at 6am!.... on a Sunday, but we loved the walk, and planning to go for more... every weekend. The nature was just amazing, colors popping up everywhere! See for yourself at my pictures below.

We walked with a group of 50-60 people and about 20 dogs. We just took our kids ;-) and they were a bit wondering why we chose to walk on a Sunday morning, while they rather played their Nintendo DS. We were with our friends Kashmira, Scott and their daughters Zahra and Sanaya, while the adults loved the walk, the girls weren't so sure about it. But hey, as a child you have to do what your parents do... too bad!

After that we had a relaxing lunch with some other friends, and then I just had a beading afternoon under the palm trees in my backyard.... (I started with my old hobby of beading).

So our Sunday was energetic, delicious, relaxing and above all SUNNY! The temperature even reached midday to 20C/68F, not bad for a winter day!

Hope you had a great Sunday as well!
Cheers, Mireille


Emm said...

This is a brilliant, brilliant post. I stumbled it!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Beautiful! I found you through Emm :-) And so glad I did.

rosemary said...

I love all the fun stuff you try. You have such a willing personality!

plantagenet said...

This walk we have done once too. It is amazing how little we had being able to walk in S.A. so we enjoyed it. There was also a Jo'burg nearby resort, where walks were allowed, but only with a guide, since the bulls were free. They were more afraid of the bulls than of the rhino....
Beautiful landsacape and nature, all these plants. just wonderful. Still a miracle for us Europeans, isnt it?
I wait to see your Jaccaranda pics in October!!!!


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