Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the girls love their daddy!

And they wrap him around their little fingers, he can't say NO to these Princesses, so I have to be the disciplinarian....

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


plantagenet said...

So good to see Dirk being a devoted daddy!!! Well, yes, the discipline part is always the ugly one, true. But they will understand later, sometimes you might think too late? No, no. wait until they have kids themselves, then they start talking about it!!! positively yes, I know!!!
Love G.

rosemary said...

Heh. That is pretty much how I see my future life playing out. They are very cute loving on their Daddy though!

Leah and Maya said...

I love the pictures of kids with theri daddies, I am also the one to to the majoity of dicipline but then again i am also home all day so thats how it works. Very sweet pictures

Maci Miller said...

Oh, such sweet pictures! Yea, Jeff will be the same, no doubt. :-)


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