Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New school year, new hairdo.

For the new school year the girls wanted a new look. Jasmine was very sure about her decision. She wanted it the same as I have my hair. Short bob. That means at least 5 inches/12 cm had to come off, but she didn't hesitate and here is the result, she looks so cute and sassy!
When it was Juliet's turn, she went back and forth about her new lenght, but at the last minute she decided to not go so short as me and Jezzy, so she took of about 2 inches/5 cm and we layered her hair. So it is bouncy and also very cute! The girls are ready for 2nd grade!

Now my friends don't need to ask me all the time, who is who? They are now the not look-a-like twins anymore :-)

I LOVE their new look, and in the morning we don't have the problem anymore with detangling their knots.... pfew, that makes mornings a lot easier!

Have a great day!


Kim said...

Super C U T E!!!!!!!! Love it! Your girls are adorable!


Hirally said...

VERY CUTE!!!! Your girls are just gorgeous!

Sharon said...

Just beautiful!!

Leah and Maya said...

I love their new hair, I need a haircut of some sort too. I love the bob but it really makes her look older but I really love it, I'm normally the longer hair, not quit brave enough either. sounds like you all had a fabulous vacation!

Herb of Grace said...

Second grade, huh? Doesn't the time fly by?

Wyndee said...

Love the cuts!!! Jasmine's hair so so similar to my Sophie's. Adorable!

Maci Miller said...

I LOVE it! They look so grown up and chic! I can totally tell them apart now after meeting them...even before the new do's! Thanks for the nice comments today. We are so close now. I'm hanging in there!

Annie said...

So cute and stylish!


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