Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Part 1 of our summer vacation in the US

Since we were more than 4 weeks in the US, I can't do a single one posting about our vacation, so I will do it in stages. The first week we were in Orlando, Florida. We stayed at a great resort with huge swimming pools, so all we wanted to do was soak up the sun and swim and relax by the pool. But we ended up doing even more things than we anticipated. First few days though we just hung out at the pool and get a bit of a tan, since we came from the winter in SA and our bodies needed some sunshine.

And here some live action from the girls, who are very good at doing salto's in the air ;-)

While we were in Orlando we were so thrilled to meet with a blogging friend of mine Annie and her whole family. Annie and her husband Jacob work for Disney and they got us free tickets for the Magic Kingdom! Humbled by their generosity and help to get us in, we had a magnificent day. Because of these free tickets we could spend the money on the girls outfits and make over at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique, which Jasmine and Juliet were dreaming of for more than 2 years now. Last time we were on a waiting list and it didn't work out, but this time it did! Thank you Annie and Jacob that was such a great gift to us and to the girls!! We didn't only see Jacob and Annie at Magic Kingdom but also we met with their beautiful children; Christina, Matthew and Joshua for breakfast at the Peabody hotel. This is where we saw the famous Peabody Ducks march from the elevator to the fountain in the main hall, so cute, so adorable! It was great chatting with the Haines family and I hope we will see each other again someday somewhere!

Above, Jasmine, Juliet, Joshua, Christina and Matthew. check out their website here.

It is good to be back! More coming from our fabulous trip!
Love, M


Jessica said...

I love those Peabody ducks. I used to watch them in Memphis all the time (and then go eat cheesecake at the cafe).

Ellie said...

What cute photos from what looks like a wonderful start to your US vacation! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more from it!!!

Annie said...

The kids loved meeting Jasmine and Juliet!


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