Friday, August 7, 2009

Part 3 ~ Orlando

The rest of the week we just hang out at the pool, did some major shopping for Dirk at the biggest outlet mall in the USA and went to Cirque du Soleil. This was an amazing show, if you ever are in Orlando and have a day to kill... which is hard to find with so many attractions around, you HAVE to go. The show is just beautiful, amazing artists, and stunning set up, clothes and music. You look your eyes out, there is at any given moment an artist performing, they use the whole stage, and there are performers in every corner doing the most amazing tricks. Really really neat to see these acrobats!

We were not allowed to take any pictures inside, so I took these from the web, but all the acts we've seen. And they are just amazing!

Below are young Chinese girls who did an act with jojo's, they could throw the jojo's high in the air and while they were waiting to fall down, they would do acrobatic jumps. So cute, and so talented and SO YOUNG!!

Clothes and face painting was so colorful, it is just eye candy to go to this circus.

Our first week of vacation was fun, relaxing, sunny, hot, humid, even wet but a great memory! Now up to NYC for a night, then off to Cape Cod, where we rented a beach house for a week with our dear friends Valerie, Bob, and their daughters Mia, Emmy and Ella. More about that in my next posting.

Have a great weekend y'all!

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