Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthday parties

Jasmine and Juliet have almost every weekend another birthday party to go to. These kids have a busy social schedule!
Normally I don't take my camera, just drop them off and pick them up later again. But this party from last weekend they had a great face painting artist there, so I took some pictures of their beautiful faces before we had to wash it off.
Jasmine is a tiger, with blood on her teeth... this detail was very important to her! And Juliet is a pink Dalmatian... cute faces!! Great face painting!

The other party was from Julia, our Dutch friends who live in a horse estate. Most of the families have big plots where they have their horses. Julia had a Mama Mia/Disco party where the girls were treated to a hair and make-over. And of course some horse back riding. The girls had to dress up in glitter outfits and they got beautiful curls and make-up done. They did some dancing and of course some cake eating.

JJ, Julia and Jezz with their gift, a dress-up outfit with boa and mask.

Funny, how the girls always pose and hold their heads tilted to the side... I guess that is how you do it when you are 7 ;-)

Fun these parties!


Leah and Maya said...

my goodness you guys have fancy parties, I just thougth kids showed up and played and had cake and ice cream, we thoguth we were goign all out with the pinata. Oh well funner to go to such great parties then have to try and put one on. Great pictures, love the face painting.

Wendy said...

Gorgeous photos! The girls look stunning, as always!

Maci Miller said...

OH how fun! Love all the great pics and all the fun parties the girls got to attend! That will be our life soon!!! Can you believe it? 2 weeks! Trip is all booked!

Annie said...

Girl Time, I love it! If they got any cuter, i would have to scream!


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