Thursday, August 13, 2009

Part 5 ~ on the beach in Marshfield

We had a fabulous week in Marshfield on the beach, this location is just before Cape Cod. The house was direct on a private beach, so ideal for our 2 families. We arrived on 4th July, which is also Valerie's Birthday. So enough reason to celebrate, drink champagne and BBQ some food on the grill while enjoying all the fireworks on the beach. A fabulous start of a great week!!

I had more pictures of the spectaculair fireworks, but they were all blurry, was it because it is hard to photograph moving light in the dark, or was it because I had already some lovely drinks??

The 'coddage' as it was called. A 4 bedroom house, so great for the 2 families.

The view from our deck, right on the beach. No need to carry our stuff in a car, then to the beach, we just walk to the water and enjoy yourself. What a treat! I don't want EVER to go to a beach house that is NOT direct on the beach!

The girls decided to sell some home made lemonade, the only problem was nobody was buying, so in the end they gave it away for FREE.... At least they had fun!

A Jarlsberg moment! Brave start, but in the end only 2 girls went in... too chilly!

Our 2 families: Valerie and Bob, with Mia, Emmy and Ella. And Dirk and me, with Jasmine and Juliet.

When you are in the Cape, you HAVE to have some lobster dinners! Well, we DID!

And the guys couldn't wait to dig in!

The girls went almost every day at low tide crabbing. They had some amazing finds, and hundreds of sea stars. But almost all of them we threw back into the ocean. We are kind to nature!

And of course we did some dancing, singing and drinking on the deck after sunset! We had tons of fun, it was a great vacation!!



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Maci Miller said...

Great shots! What a beautiful vacation and LOVE that house right on the beach! Looks just perfect! Looks like you have some wonderful friends and a great time was had by all! JJ's poses crack me up! Such a ham! :-)


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