Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Year, new day at school, more funny faces ;-)

First day at school I went with my mom to show her the grounds and buildings and pop into JJ and Jezz's classroom. They just had a break and were outside, so I took some pictures of their friends being silly and giddy.... happy to see each other again after a 3 week Xmas break.

Making funny faces.

Acting like fashion models.

I never see fashion models bent that much....but hey I guess that is their interpretation ;-)

From LtoR: Jasmine, Svenja, Kaitlyn and Juliet.

From LtoR: Zahra, Svenja and Jezzy.

None of these kids have the same nationality, the school is very divers. And it is amazing how you see these children develop in English. Some of them never spoke English when school started in September. Well, you can't almost hear the difference anymore. It keeps me amazed every day!

But more important is that they have fun, like to go to school, then the studies follow suit. Because they are happy and like to learn.

Have a good day!

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