Thursday, January 22, 2009

Food, Friends and a Hungry Bear

That's the name of another blog; Sunday Nite Dinner I visit frequently. Sunday Nite Dinner represents a gathering of people to celebrate good food and friendships. And since a big part of our life is about food and friendship I thought it was a good title for today.

We have our friends Marisca, Martijn and Justin over for 2 weeks from Holland and the gatherings at night around our outdoor dining table are always a fun and happy time. I like full tables with adults and kids around who enjoy my cooking. But most of all I enjoy my hungry bear, and people who know us, know also who I mean.... I like to cook, but my hubby likes to eat...he is my hungry bear!

I have never eaten so much red meat as here in SA. The steaks are superb here, better than anywhere we have lived so far. The combination with the good red wines and you can imagine that we need to worry about our waistline. Since I am not a big meat eater though, I was happy to know that Marisca is a vegetarian. So at least I can share my love for veggies and fish with her these 2 weeks.

My girls and Dirk are such meat lovers that I am always in the minority at the table, but not these 2 weeks...YEAH!! Since living in SA we use the braai a lot (if you read my blog often, you should know by now that braai is another word for BBQ) and we have a very good recipe (thanks to good old William and Sonoma) and that is Salmon rubbed with a seafood spice rub and then grilled on a cedar grilling plank that has been soaked into water for more than 2 hours. YUMMY! You will get this smoked flavor on your salmon which is so delicious, and you know what Hungry Bear loves this as well!!

So these days my cooking mode is set to vegetarian, but we need to add a bit of meat here and there of course for the rest of the group, and so it is an interesting mix of cooking these days. Which I LOVE!! I am browsing through recipe books, looking online to find some new and interesting meals.

If you happen to have a wonderful vegetarian dish, please email me and help me out, that would be great!! Or if you happen to know a great site where I can find recipes, please do send it to me.

Have a wonderful dinner, what are you cooking??
Love, Mireille

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rosemary said...

OMG - That sounds delicious! My hubs is also a hungry bear. Being a Texan he loves his big meat portions. I like my meat as well but I'm a real salad and veggies addict.


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