Thursday, January 29, 2009

Twins... the same and yet so different ;-)

OK, people tell me ALL the time, that Jasmine and Juliet look so much alike. Yeah, I kinda agree (not really), but look at these close-ups and you won't agree anymore! The girls have such a different personality as it shows in their eyes, smiles and the way they talk, hold their heads, move their body.

Jasmine is the shy one, although she hides behind her princess and silly looks. Then she can come out as quite the outgoing personality, but as soon as she is Jezzy again, she likes Juliet to take control.

Juliet is the bold one, the leader, the more talkative one. She protects her sister and makes sure nobody will hurt the princess. When they do role plays, she is the boy and Jezz is the girl ;-)

Since they were at pre-school we color-coded the girls (teachers asked us for that) and since then it is the way the girls pick their clothes. Jezz has the 'girl' colors and JJ the 'boy' colors.

Look for yourself and see, and try to guess who is who. Don't look at the colors of their clothes but at their faces!! The eyes give away so much. JJ has a rounder face and her eyes are rounder as well. While Jezz has a finer face and features with a bit more almond eyes. Can you see?? (Click on the images to see a larger view)

Sweet Jasmine

Vivacious Juliet

Being confident and happy together

Tickle me, tickle me!

Confident JJ

Silly Jezzy

Tomboy JJ

Princess posing Jezzy

How I LOVE my beautiful twins!!

Have a fun day, hope the weather is better on your side, here it is raining already for a few days ;-(

Ciao, Mireille


Emily said...

they are adorable!!! love these pictures!

Wyndee said...

They're both absolutely beautiful!


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