Friday, January 9, 2009

Being pampered the African way....

I am a little behind with my blogging since my mom is still here and we're are doing so many things....

On January 2nd my mom and me went to have an African revitalization day at the Mangwanani day spa at the Indaba hotel here in Fourways. The spa has been chosen many years in a row as spa of the year. Well, I can tell you it was divine!! Since we had this big New Years bash we were ready for a relaxation extravaganza. Let me walk you through the treatments we got.

We started the day at 8:30 am, everybody got a thick robe and slippers we had to change in and then they served us this healthy yummy breakfast, with fresh squeezed juices and yogurt with muesli and a fruit skewer. Every group was seated at a different table and this was your table for the day. There were at least 50-75 guests there at one time. And as much massage therapists there. A huge spa but very well organised!

We started off with a Izimanga; a Full Body Massage with hot stones. Just a great start to completely relax the whole body, in the room were 2 beds with a bamboo screen in the middle. And 1 side was open to the nature, so while we were getting our heavenly massage we heard the birds sing songs for us....what a great start!

After that we got Neo Maoto; a Foot Massage. An African Royal Foot Gift (from toes to knees) with a Rose Petal Wash, Sugar & Grape Seed Scrub, and then at the end they applied the Mangwanani Massage Cream and kneaded all those knots out of my feet. This was one of my favorite massages of the whole day, it was SO good!

In between the different treatments we would walk to our table again to have a new drink, a sip of water ore one of the juices they had waiting for us and then they would come and fetch us again at our table for the next treatment.

Well, the next was Molala; an Ancient African Head & Neck Healing & Relaxation Treatment with Sesame Oil. This was actually not my favorite, my shoulders were hearting the next day of the pressure. Although you had to make a choice how you liked the pressure (mild, medium or strong) I chose medium, but this one was to heavy duty for me and I felt it big time the day after!

Then we got the UBUSO; a Renewing African Facial Spa with Pressure Point Massage and a mask. Again we were laying in these private rooms with one side open to nature and I heard my mom snoozing a bit behind the bamboo curtain. After the facial cleansing they left us laying there with a mask and it was just heaven on relaxing! Life is good ;-)

Now with a clean face, relaxed body, super soft feet we had a delicious lunch with a grilled chicken salad and again some nice juices and wine, what more can we ask for, knowing we have a few more treatments left and just enjoying all this pampering! While we were having lunch the massage therapists all came to join the lunch area with us and starting singing and dancing traditional African was just magical!

After lunch we started off with TLHAPISO; Full Spa Body Works with a choice of Body Washes or Salt Scrub Body Brush or African Mielie Meal Body Exfoliation. Wow, she scrubbed my body with a salt mixture which smelled like roses, oranges and herbs but my body glowed and felt as soft as a baby. Needless to say I needed a little rest after this, it takes a lot of energy out of you these massages ;-)

So it came in handy that we had the pool and relaxation time after this. We just lay by the pool, enjoyed a glass of wine and realized that life is good ;-) And it was also time for a snack time with some French cheeses, fresh fruit and crackers. Glass of wine or fruit juices.

And last but not least we had NEO MATSOGO; Traditional African Royal Hand Gift (from fingers to elbows) with a Rose Petal Wash, Sugar & Grape Seed Scrub, and to top it of a Mangwanani Massage Cream. Almost as good as the food massage, still divine and a very nice and relaxing way of ending this perfect day of heaven on earth!

And to end the end we got a glass of Amarula (equivalent of Bailey's) with a chocolate. By now it was 5:30 pm, we had spend a whole day having 6 treatments and a relaxation time, heavenly and fresh spa food and we can conquer the world for the new year!

What a great way to start the New Year...thanks Dikky Dik!! It was a gift from my dear hubby ;-) How nice is he?!

More about our African adventures tomorrow!

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Jen and Jeff said...

Okay, you just described the perfect day in my book! Wow, what a great place! I was just about to write you today and say, how the heck have you been, but I see that you have been GOOD, my friend! Can't wait to hear about your New Year's bash. Drop a line when you can. Glad you are having a wonderful time with your mom!


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