Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thai festival in Joburg

The Thailand Grand Festival took place on Zoo Lake, Joburg this weekend. We went there this morning, me and the girls. Since Dirk is in Switzerland this week at the headquarters of Hilti. The festival was huge, there was plenty of Thai cuisine, Thai handicrafts, Thai massage and spa, vegetable and fruit-carving demonstrations, ice sculpting, umbrella painting, Tuk-tuk rides, and so much more. The Thai embassy had set up this festival and just when we arrived this Thai dancing show started, the girls loved it! They couldn't get enough of it. At one moment it was already 1pm and I was hungry, but the girls didn't want to leave their spot in the front so we had to wait till the show was over to get some yummy Thai food.

Jezz and JJ in awe :-)

Jasmine and Juliet are very familiair with the Thai culture, we talk quite a bit about their motherland and I want them to be proud of their heritage.
September is also the month that they celebrate International day at school, so the girls will be wearing and talking about Thailand, so this was a nice freshen up course ;-)
We spoke some Thai to the people wo were running stands and the girls got some gifts from ladies who loved the fact that there were some cute Thai girls living in SA!

Nice to get a dose of Thai once in a while, everywhere we go we meet the most loveliest people from Thailand, and it reminds me how great the country and people are!
There is this expression in Thai: 'Thai rak Thai' which means Thai love Thai...well in our household it is:
'Dutch rak Thai'

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Anonymous said...

hEY FuNky DoodDle!!

I just stumbled across your blog while browsing Amatomu.

I like all the colors and the fresh vibe, and I ESPECIALLY like your header image (the donkey).

Good job & keep it up. :)



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