Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Funky hat day....everyday!

It's 6:45 in the morning and the 3 of us are standing outside waiting for the school bus. The girls are a bit giddy and laughing about something that they are not sharing with me, having fun! Well, better than most mornings when we have to rush since they are soooo slow with eating their breakfast, getting dressed etc... Normally it takes forever, but today they were happy campers! Great ;-)

The sun is brutal here in South Africa, since we are in a high altitude (1740 meters) the air is thinner and you burn so fast, so hats are mandatory. The hats can be as funky, fun, colorful as each individual wants it to be, as long as they wear a hat.

We have some really cool hats, but the girls rather have the same hats as the other kids wear...they don't want to be different, while their mother.....me ;-) likes them to have different styles and wear the things that other kids don't wear. But I am losing my battle slowly...the girls want to be the same as the other kids.....wear sweatshirts and sneakers.....yikes!
Anybody who knows me well, knows I loath sneakers. I don't know what it is....but sneakers on a girl I just didn't grow up with it in Europe. We wear sneakers when we do gymnastics or sports, it is not a shoe for everyday life. Just my 2 cents.....I know a lot of kids wear sneakers and that is fine with me, but just not for my girls ;-O
So we compromise and they wear convers type shoes, kinda a sneaker, but a little less sneaker like ;-) And we can match the colors with their clothes, and it goes better with skirts.
Well, here they hop on the school bus, happy as can be....
Today is just a normal day coming back home at 3:45 pm. However, on Mondays they have Dutch classes and on Wednesdays they have International cooking after school, so they are back at 5:45 pm. Long days for such a small kids, but it doesn't seem to affect them, and just enjoying it.
It is still all new and exciting, maybe that's why but I hope they will be in this giddy mood everyday from now on!
Saves us a lot of headaches in the morning ;-)

Have a sunny day, y'all!

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