Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brutal experience

OMG!! BRUTAL EXPERIENCE today at the Bikram Yoga place here in Design Quarter. It was more hefty than I would have ever thought off. And I am not a person who exhagerate! What an experience!! I thought this class would never end, 90 minutes of heavy duty excercise in a room heated up to 40C/100F degrees. Can you imagine excercising in this for the whole 90 minutes?? Excrutiating...but addictive! I am going back tomorrow for more!!
They want you to do these 26 poses...twice and keeping the pose for 60-90 seconds, do you know how long that is? My feet where trembling, my body was shaking, my face was red, and I was sweating perfusely. Torture, but craving for more!
They want us to bend backwards...yeah you read it right...backwards, like this!! I have never even thought about bending backwards, my body is not designed to do that...well.. apparently your body is desingned to do that, you just never do!
If you have never done Bikram Yoga, you have to put it on your to do list, I am telling you...just try it! It will open up drawers, cannisters, muscles in your body you didn't know they were there. Just experience it once, and tell me how you liked it!
I am just intrueged what the body is capable off...don't get me wrong, not MY body yet, but A body in general who is fit and lean, and above all FLEXIBLE, it is just amazing to see the GUY teacher we had, what he could do with his body...I am in awe! And I want more, I want to see if my body is capable of doing this as well....I am such a novice at this moment, but I am planning to be better at Bikram Yoga, so I am going back tomorrow!! They adviced us to come 6 days in a row...yeah you read it right...6 days in a row to experience it the right way. I am not sure if I can get out of my bed tomorrow. I've tried a lot of types of excercise, but this is beyond my world, but after a shower and my face cooled down (took about an hour) I felt really good :-)

Just look at these pictures and try it at home..............hard isn't it? It looks easy, but it is so f#@$ hard!! And keep the pose for 60-90 seconds and put the heater on full blow, that's what I've experienced today....WOAW!!

Hope you had a invigorating day!

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Jennifer & Jeff Kitzmiller said...

So impressed, Mireille! Having done it a few times, I have to IS BRUTAL! Feels good afterwards, though! :-)


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