Thursday, September 4, 2008

Getting mail....I just love it ;-)

As of today I have 2299 visitors of 87 countries to my blog. That is great, wonderful, amazing, and I just LOVE it.

What I would LOVE even more is, if I would get some mail from you. Who are you? Why are you interested in my blog? Are you Dutch or Thai like us? Do you have twins as well, or did you adopt from Thailand like we did? Or do you live in the USA or South Africa, or even another African country, or is it just the Funky Donkey?? What are the common things we have that you come back to my blog?? I AM INTERSTED IN YOU! Do you have a blog as well, and like to share it with me? Tell me!!

Please drop me a line, give a comment on my blog. What do you like to read more about; our private lives, our house and surroundings, our daughters, me or my hero hubby??
What is it that you like or maybe even dislike about this blog, share it with me....I like to know more about my readers. You are part of my daily life...obviously.... I like to be part of yours ;-)

I hope to hear from you ;-)
Love, Mireille

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