Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lukcy house wife..... ;-)

I guess I am a lucky house wife, why you would ask. Well, because these days living in SA it is a different ball game being a house wife. Since I have the huge help of Khetho, my live-in domestic worker. She spends a lot of time per day in the laundry room. Her ritme of the day is first to start in the kitchen and first floor level, then she goes upstairs and in the afternoon she irons.

When we were living in the US, I did the laundry and there were days that we had no underwear anymore, just because I washed it alright, but didn't fold it and put it back into the closets. Happened quite often, because I hated the folding part. Well, now it is not only folded, but everything...and I mean EVERYTHING is ironed, folded and neatly put back in the closets by the end of the day.
Can you imagine this luxury...dirty in the morning...clean, ironed and put back in you closets by the end of the day. Suddenly we don't need 10 pairs of underwear...if we had only 2 we would be fine ;-)

So I guess I am a lucky house wife, that I don't need to do this least as long as we live in SA or another country where domestic helpers are a common thing. How neat ;-)

But then on the other hand, Dirk is a lucky guy as well...because this is how his closet looks like, neatly ironed shirts color coded in his closet. No last minute runs to the dry cleaner to get his shirts ready for his next business trip. Now his shirts are hanging all there, ready for him to pick at any given moment.

How lucky we both are ;-)
I hope this will never end.....or is it a dream, and I am waking up soon and need to start doing the laundry again??

Enjoy your weekend y'all!
Love, Mireille

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