Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spring has arrived in SA!

Spring is here and you can see it everywhere! Today our garden will get some topsoil, and most of our neighbors have garden trucks in front of their homes, everywhere people are working in the yards. Finally the trees are budding and you see the young green sprucing up from every corner. That also means weeds start to show their heads, in between cracks of stones, so work to do!

I already planted some indigenous perennials in the back and after the yard people are finished today, I will plant some more. Our garden needs some color and there are so many new plants to discover on this side of the world!
YEAH, I love it!!
I was missing my garden in Connecticut but I have been to nurseries a few times now and they have some amazing flowers and plants here. And soon they will end up in my yard ;-)

As you can see in the pictures, Protea, the national flower in many forms and shapes, but also the Aloes are everywhere, we have 3 on our rooftop terrace and I am hoping that they will flower soon.

I will show some pictures of our garden and of the house soon, I know some of my friends are waiting for this already quite some time ;-)

Alhtough I feel as happy as a birdsong, my girls are not that happy. Both are sick at home with a fever, coughing and feeling nauseous. They missed their first Dutch class and 2 days of school now. Yesterday they were just too lethargic to do much, and last night I didn't sleep much. Jasmine was coughing almost the whole night and Juliet threw up. So quite some commotion and I thought it's better to keep them home another day. But now I am regretting that, because they seem to be fine ;-0

Look at them, playing, reading, drawing in their playroom, but when it goes like yesterday. One moment they are fine, the other moment they feel so sick as a dog! To keep them in one more day is maybe not such a bad idea. Because getting called from the nurse in the middle of the day to pick up your child is also not so great. Tomorrow they go back to school for sure ;-)

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