Friday, September 12, 2008

Finally back into a routine...

I used to excercise quite a bit before the girls were born and I was living in Thailand. Together with my friend Lara we would go to the gym and with my neighbor Ginster I would bike around Phoenix Golf course and take a swim afterwards. Then the girls came into our lives and we moved to the US. Suddenly I had no time anymore. No maid who helps out in the house, 2 young my excercise routine kind off vanished... It is all about priorities, but I had too many excuses. Too cold, too hot, children only 2,5 hours at school....blah dee blah ;-)

Now, I don't have any excuses anymore! The girls are full-time in school and I have a full-time maid. So I signed up at a gym yesterday, it is a franchise and called Curves, a women only gym. Supposingly the fastest growing franchise at the moment, with gyms all over the world. Since I need a low threshold to go to a gym, I have a hard time motivating myself, I opted for this program. It is short and effective, burning 500 calories in just half an hour! Wow, that sounds good.
So I went yesterday and today and I like it!! They advice to come in 3x a week for just 30 minutes and your curves will become less curvy ;-) I like that! You do this excercise routine, the machines are set up in a circle, and each 30 seconds you switch to another station. Alternating mats and machines, on the mats you do cardio and on the machines you work on strenght. It really is fast and least that is what I am thinking now ;-)

But I am not done here, it is nice and all but I feel I need to opt for another thing, something that I wanted to do already for a long time, and that is Yoga. There is a Bikram Yoga here in the neighborhood that I like to try out. with Bikram yoga you work on a series of 26 poses performed in a room heated from around 90-100 degrees Farenheit/40C and get ready to sweat. This will leave you, astonishingly, renewed with energy and well... sweaty. So that is my next excercise routine I am planning to check out next week. I will keep you posted on my results!
Hopefully I will be in shape in no time again...I have a lot to work on ;-)
I also read mixed reviews about the Bikram yoga, so I am curious how I will feel about.....being in a room with lots of sweaty people, since it is so hot in there. But it makes your body also more flexible and less prone to injuries. I am very curious. You will hear from me ;-)

Enjoy your weekend!
Ciao, Mireille


Jennifer & Jeff Kitzmiller said...

Oh, I LOVE Bikam yoga! So absolutely grueling at first. So totally exhilarating afterwards. I did it in NYC a few times and so wish there was a center closer to our house outside of Philadelphia. Hope to do it again when we move to FL and there is one close. Good luck and have fun !

Jennifer & Jeff Kitzmiller said...

I meant Bikram!


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