Sunday, October 10, 2010

~ 10 10 10 ~

Today is 10-10-10, and white-hot for tying the knot..... and many people do so around the world today! Couples who are superstitious, honoring their culture or just want a really cool anniversary date are tying the knot today!

Online wedding sites The Knot and Wedding Channel have registered more than 33,000 pairs ready to take the plunge Sunday. The norm is a little more than 5,000.

Plenty of couples believe the perfect 10s promise a perfect marriage.

Look at some images from weddings around the world, some are plenty colorful, while others are virgin white...

That the auspicious date happens also to fall on the long Columbus Day weekend has only added to the marriage frenzy in the USA.

The Chinese believe that Ten is a lucky number. 10/10/10 happens to be a very, very good day for getting married. It is a date that comes around once every 100 years. Many couples tying the know today are hoping that this perfect day will bring their marriages much longevity and prosperity.

October is already a really popular wedding month because it's a picturesque time of year, and brides don't have to worry about their guests being too hot in most parts of the world.

So how was your wedding?? Also on a special day?? Do you believe in auspicious days according to lunar month like the Chinese or auspicious because a Monk calculated the day for you like the Thai people??

Tell me about it!

Have a wonderful & special day!!


Wendy said...

Love these pictures you found.

My husband and I eloped (with Becky) at a little inn in the Vermont mountains on St. Patrick's Day (my husband's family is Irish).

Immediately after the ceremony we went snow-mobiling.

It was a blast!

Mireille said...

How fun Wendy!! I really love those out of the box wedding plans!! And so precious to share this special moment with Becky!!


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