Monday, October 18, 2010

Hilton Ras al Khaimah Resort & Spa

A mouthful the name of this resort we have spent the last 2 days! Since it was the weekend and Dirk didn't need to work yet, we decided to go first here before we are heading towards Dubai. This Hilton resort is located in another emirate just 2 hours from the airport at the northern tip of the Arabian Peninsula.

The hotel is like a small Arabian village, with hundreds of rooms and small cottages in Arabian style, really pretty and special! We had a beach front villa so we enjoyed the ocean and the pools for the last 2 days.

Outside the hotel is NOTHING, and I mean nothing, just sand. This area is totally NOT developed yet, just some old buildings, most of them not finished and it looks a bit shabby, so when we arrived and came closer to the hotel I had my doubts, is this what we signed up for?? But then you enter the hotel and you are literally in a different world, glitz and glamour behind the hotel walls, just magical and gorgeous!! I wonder though what the people think who just live outside these walls in this huge sandpit??

The difference is stark, like black and white. Hilton is the only big hotel in this area, so it is not developed at all, maybe it is an up and coming area, but for now there is nothing around it, no shopping malls like we are used to in the Western world, no restaurants that we would go visit, no shopping areas, just sand and deserted buildings, and DUST DUST and DUST! Not a pretty sight, we tried to venture out a bit to a Souk and a Fish market, but both were not worth visiting, so we stayed inside the hotel walls in this magical place which is pretty beyond words!!

Today we are heading to Dubai for 3 nights, since Dirk has to work and we will stay closer to his office and relax and shop a bit by ourselves at the Hilton Jumeirah Beach. Close to the shopping, dining and ocean, so here we can venture out!

More of my own pictures tomorrow! Update: here some pictures of mine.

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